Monthly Archives: February 2012

Note to Self

When you get stuck, step out of the timeline and write a scene that inspires you.

Personal Essays

I have not posted a blog entry for some weeks. My mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in November and died in December. Since then, I’ve dealt with health insurance paperwork, cremation, the memorial, cleaning out her apartment, and other family issues—not least, my own feelings. I didn’t stop writing, but my efforts turned sharply towards memoir, probably as therapy. Today, I’m publishing the first of the pieces I worked on during this period, On the Deaths of my Parents. Because it is a longer piece, about 1500 words, I’ve elected to add it to my essays.

A result of my writing about family issues is a delay in publishing my second novel, The Door Behind Us. Nevertheless, I hope to get that book out soon. The only step remaining is to design or commission a cover for it.