Editing the new novel: MUSIC BOX

Last week, I finished the first draft of my new novel, tentatively called Music Box. This week, I’m working through a preliminary edit. I like to do it in passes. The purpose of the first–already done–was to break the scenes into chapter groups. I also did a little mark-up as I went. My second pass involved mostly adding or expanding description where it was thin. (My first drafts tend to be heavy on dialog and light on everything else.)

I noticed a few places where I need more internal dialog and will work on those this week. When that’s done, I plan to go back and look at the first appearance of each of my characters. I recently read Michael Chabon’s novel, Telegraph Avenue. The man writes amazing descriptions of people in his novels. I’m inspired to move away from physical description and try to find something more evocative to say about each person.

Next week, I plan to send the draft to my brother for a look from fresh eyes. Thanks, bro.


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